Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sexy Halloween Costumes 2014

Halloween is the one festival when you get a chance to wear funny, scary or sexy costumes. Halloween costumes 2014 brings a lot of options when it comes to sexy. If you plan to be sexy this Halloween then you should know how much you want to reveal! As my blog is about sexy love gifts, so what about giving a sexy Halloween costume to your spouse? Halloween is indeed a big event so planning to buy a gift for your spouse cannot go wrong!  I am sure if men will gift  sexy costumes to their ladies they will feel out of the world! Don’t worry these costumes will surely come handy some other time may be at the night! Gift your spouse a sexy Halloween costume, do something unexpected and set the moods!

Sailor Costumes-

French Maid Costumes-  

Army Girl Costume-

Sexy Pirate-

Superhero Costumes-

Any ideas would you like to share? Feel free to comment below! 

Friday, 25 July 2014

Looking for Beautiful Lingerie on Budget?

Looking for a gift for your girlfriend or loved one? What about the sensual lingerie and that too budget friendly! Lingerie buying for someone else is never easy! First of all figure out the size of the woman you are buying lingerie for. If you are perfect in estimating that is ok, but I recommend you to know her size. You can give her sexy babydolls, chemises,bra-tops or corsets. You can easily buy a corset by estimating her size. For a lady getting sensual sexy lingerie is a pleasure! So make your lady feel out of the world when you’ll give her the lingerie she never dreamed of!  I have assembled the best alternatives for lingerie!! 

Chiffon babydoll with black lace overlay, criss cross back and matching g-string. 100% Polyester

                         Dotted mesh babydoll with adjustable straps and matching g-string.

This three-piece set includes the diamond net top, matching thigh warmers and matching thong.

Find pleasure in something sexy and flirtatious, such as this fishnet cami top and g-string.

This captivating lingerie set features a low-cut chemise dress with attached garters and matching thigh-high stockings. Made from a seductively sheer mesh and lace fabric, this outfit is designed to show off every curve. Size Queen

Look as well as feel glamorous with our Purple Sweetheart Claudette Valentine Corset. It comes with front hook and eye closure, full satin lace-up back up and plastic boning. Ruffled satin ribbon bow embellishments add to the charm of this corset.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Teddy Gift Ideas

Baby doll, bustier, camisole lingerie are passé. if you are looking for something a little different when it comes to lingerie why not have a look at all of the styles of teddy that are out there Also known as a bodysuit, this undergarment usually combines a camisole and panty in one piece. Made of sheer see-through fabric, it is loose designed to slip off from the shoulders. Apart from being a sensual piece of lingerie, it also has its practical usage. Since, it is a close fitting garment, it can be worn under short dresses. 
We list for you some of the popular styles in teddy lingerie:





Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Sexy Panties Gift Ideas

Do you look for reason to spend good quality and lone time with your partner? No, then why do you look for reasons to gift her lingerie? Birthday, anniversary or Valentines Day these are the days where its expected to get gift, Why not do something unexpected to set the mood and make the most of the night.

Sounds simple but is not. Mind it lingerie shopping seems an easy job but can be quite nerve wracking. You just can’t go wrong with size when buying lingerie because if you  buy large size lingerie this would give an impression that YOU think she is FAT or if you buy a small size would make her feel she is Fat and you don’t want a depressed girl next to you.  Get to know her size before you shop for her.

Personally ill suggest to go for panties or thongs. Being the zenith of sexiness, panties or thongs can be great gift ideas and get the message of wanting to make this night special across loud and clear.

RhinestoneOpen Cup Halter with Lace Tanga Panty


Discover love and buy rhinestone open cup panty. The rhinestone detailing in this panty adds a unique touch and looks very attractive. Add sparkles to your night with this piece of lingerie.

PinkLipstick Fancy Schmancy Lace Pink Thong


Thongs are classic, low rise lingerie. And when they are in lace, it simply makes you say woah that is sexy!. Lace is one of the flirtatious material. Go flirt around and tease her.

CrotchlessLace Bow Back Panty

Crotchless_Lace_Panty_Lingerie    Crotchless_Lace_Panty_Lingerie

Just like any other panty you’ll say. Well that’s not true. It may appear like any other but what makes this piece so alluring is the back bow. Very interesting and unique explains this panty best.

Show GirlGlittering Sequin Tanga

Glitter_Tanga_Panty_Lingerie    Glitter_Tanga_Panty_Lingerie

A pee-ka-boo back is the attraction of this lingerie. The glitters combined the unique back makes this lingerie the best gift idea. Go wild and experience love like never before.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

1st Day of Summer Linegrie Gift Ideas

It’s Summer time! It means the time to flaunt your body and show your curves. Summers are such a pleasure for women as it the time to look more sexy and attractive.

1st Day of Summer Linegrie Gift Ideas

Gifts make people happy right, Are you searching for gift ideas for a lingerie summer? Want to give a tasteful lingerie gift that she'll appreciate? Here are some gift ideas for lingerie…..

Bubble Wrap Bra Top with Matching G-string

Bubble Wrap Bra Top with Matching G-string
  • Description: Bubble wrap bra top and matching g-string with neon pink trim.PE and Elastic Band
  • Manufacturer/Brand: Elegant Moments

Satin and Floral Lace Open Back Chemise

Satin and Floral Lace Open Back Chemise

  • Description: Satin and Floral Lace Open Back Chemise. Turquoise
  • Manufacturer/Brand: Icollection lingerie

Cross Dye Lace and Flutter Hem Chemise

Cross Dye Lace and Flutter Hem Chemise

  • Description: Cross Dye Lace and Flutter Hem Chemise. Pink
  • Manufacturer/Brand: Icollection lingerie

Opaque Mini Dress with Strappy Detail

Opaque Mini Dress with Strappy Detail

  • Description: Opaque mini dress with strappy detail. 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex
  • Manufacturer/Brand: Elegant Moments

Neon Tie Dye Mini Dress with Pothole Detail

Neon Tie Dye Mini Dress with Pothole Detail

  • Description: Neon tie dye mini dress with pothole detail.90% Nylon, 10% Spandex
  • Manufacturer/Brand: Elegant Moments

Satin and Scalloped Stretch Lace Teddy

Satin and Scalloped Stretch Lace Teddy

  • Description: Satin and Scalloped Stretch Lace Teddy with Snap Crotch. Blue/Oyster MD
  • Manufacturer/Brand: Coquette

Reversible Stretch Lace Babydoll with G-String

Reversible Stretch Lace Babydoll with G-String

  • Description: Reversible Stretch Lace Babydoll with Lace Trim Tie Straps and Reversible G-String. Navy/Raspberry
  • Manufacturer/Brand: Coquette

Chiffon Babydoll with Matching G-string

Chiffon Babydoll with Matching G-string

  • Description: Chiffon babydoll with black lace overlay, criss cross back and matching g-string. 100% Polyester
  • Manufacturer/Brand: Elegant Moments

Friday, 10 January 2014

Sexy Love Gifts

You can’t get anything in this world without making efforts for it. Neither smile on your girl’s face nor love from her. So, I think on special occasions like Valentine’s day, your first meeting anniversary, or her birthday, you should always make her feel special by presenting unique gifts to her.  
There is some craziness among women for shoes which obviously do not exist for men. According to women – "Shoes not only protect our feet but it denote occupation, status, living standard and sense of fashion". So, it can be a great idea for men to present unique footwear to their ladylove and perceive yourself to be the best. 

Steps to be  taken before getting shoes for her.

  •  Know her size – Check number of her shoes by checking her sandals already lying in her wardrobe.

  • Color of dress – Make sure shoes you are getting for her, matches with her party dress she already has, else you better go for her favorite color. 

  • Heel – There are many ladies whom heels are not allowed due to medical problem. So, make sure she  doesn’t has these problems else your present will be of no use for her.

  • Material – Don’t compromise with quality, else it may create a blunder and try to get something unique that she doesn’t possess.

So, keep these points in mind, have a look on these sexy and stylish shoes and show her how special she is in your life.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Sexy Love Gifts

There are many ways to express your love. But presenting gifts are something that is admired by everyone. If it comes to presenting gifts to your friends it does not trouble you, but it brings a lot of troubles when you have to present gifts to your special ones. Aren’t you tired of giving same things again and again?? Perhaps your partner is bored of this monotony in her life.

So, get some unique gift giving ideas and surprise your loved ones with your creative idea.

Women are always crazy for sexy apparel that helps them to enhance their beauty. Babydoll is always a hit. As a gift it is very appropriate but if chosen well. Don’t forget to know about her correct size, else it would create a blunder.

Color pink represents passion, love and understanding. This Valentine Ruched Side Shoulder dress can be the best gift for your lady love. Gorgeous and glamorous gift that will be surely appreciated by her.

This black colored mini dress will add elegance to her look and she will love you more than before.

Are you going out for New Year Celebrations? She will definitely take time more than you expect. So, to avoid waiting,  gift her this sexy printed tube dress. She will thank you with lots of hugs and kisses.

Gifts are obviously the best way to impress her and if it is stylish and unique then it ‘s going to make your day.But she will not like any of them if you don’t spend time with her. So, take some time to spend with her, do something nice to her, present her sexy gifts and show her how important she is in your life.